You should interview: “BEN MACKLIN”

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Schooled by the pioneers of electronic music, Ben came to prominence originally as one half of Sucker DJ’s. Mixing disco, house and electronica together – Ben & Stretch toured extensively and received acclaim for their distinctive style. His Cassette Club project has received acclaim since their 2009 debut on Eye Industries, and after their first single, he went on to remix Passion Pit, Taio Cruz, Natalie Imbruglia and Florence & The Machine. With tracks and remixes on his own Modal imprint, as well as a Cassette Club Album in 2014, Ben also continues to play live sets across Europe, and plays at his various residencies in the UK.

Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who is BEN MACKLIN? Tell us about your collaboration in MODAL RECORDINGS…

BEN MACKLIN: Modal is my own label which I initially started 2 years ago so I could release one of our Cassette Club tracks – ‘Flash’. Ive been signed to a lot of labels in the past and wanted more control over how my music was released and managed. Im quite particular about how my music, artwork and videos are presented, and having your own output for releases gives you that control. Since then ive managed to get some of my favourite artists to remix tracks for the label, and we’ve got a lot more to come which is exciting.

I: Where are you from?

BM: Im from Kent, which is just outside London in the UK.

I: What is your most treasured memory as a child being a Musician?

BM: Musically ive always been into electronic music, so I had keyboard lessons when I was young. I don’t know If that’s a thing anymore, but it was different to piano lessons as it was more about chords, progressions and patterns. I didn’t last very long as I got bored of playing basic chords every week, but I would always sit at my keyboard and try and work out how to play tracks I liked.

I: Since when you notice that you had blood for being a Musician?

BM: I’ve really only been interested in the production side of music, even though I can play keyboards. We always had instruments around the house when I was young, so never thought being in music was something you couldn’t do.

I: What is the purpose of make this kind of music instead something else genre?

BM: Most of my favourite music is either House/Soul/Electronic, so most of my tracks combine those elements somewhere. The good thing about the way the music industry is now, is that there are so many sub genres. If I want to make a 100bpm track I can, without worrying about where it fits. I think usually people can hear a common thread through my tracks sound wise.

I: Do you have any ideology in your life mixed with your work, that you want to share with us?

BM: I always want to produce something that I like listening to, that isn’t tainted by what other people might like. Ironically that usually means you make something other people WILL like. People can tell if you’re trying to please someone else.

I: What elements do you use for your work?

BM: I don’t use any hardware these days, I like to be able to work anywhere and always find analog synths slow me down, even though they sound great. A lot of plug ins are so good now that you don’t need a lot of outboard.

I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

BM: Im a big fan of digital, purely because ive never really used analog gear. I like the sound you get from analog gear, but equally I like the clean sound of digital.

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most? 

BM: The artists I admire most and inspire me are Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Prince, Jam & Lewis, Quincy Jones. At the moment some of my favourites are Classixx, Moon Boots, Todd Terje & Tensnake.

I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country?

BM: Ive always wanted to come to Mexico obviously, hopefully I’ll get the chance soon.

I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?

BM: There are so many platforms to spread new music globally, its just a case of how to get it to people. I think that usually if your work is any good, people will get to know about it, and will share it between themselves. You can find people that like your music or genre, much more so than 20 years ago.

I: Where we can watch & listen your work?

BM: You can listen to my music on

Soundcloud at >,

also check the Modal Youtube Channel at >

and you can chat to me on twitter too >


Thank your for this itw Ben!


Indatrend: “Marta Bevacqua”


Marta Bevacqua es una joven fotógrafa italiana que actualmente vive y trabaja en París, su talento ha ganado reconocimiento en diversos medios y una carrera profesional prometedora. Encontré su trabajo hace varios ayeres, mientras vagaba por la red y su manera de capturar el mundo me cautivó para siempre.

Inclusive fue uno de los motivos, por los que incursioné seriamente en la fotografía…




La fotografía de Marta es emocional, onírica y atmosférica; sus retratos despiden un halo cinematográfico, como el fragmento de una historia de fantasía, una carta que se perdió en el camino. La figura central del trabajo de Marta es el cuerpo femenino, y a través de su ojo fotográfico, introduce al espectador al mundo del sujeto retratado, donde incontables cuentos parecen florecer.




La expresión corporal asume el papel principal y Marta se ha vuelto una experta en retratarla, la inspiración es contagiosa, y como algunas veces sucede con el retrato, las imágenes de Marta suelen carecer de un tiempo o lugar específico… Podría ser aquí, podría ser allá, podría ser un sueño o una memoria neblinosa. París protagoniza una parte considerable de su trabajo más reciente y Marta conserva un ambiente misterioso y melancólico; los bosques, habitaciones y ciudades que podemos ver en sus fotos parecen ser parte de una película de romance nostálgico.






Marta retrata a las personas bajo varios enfoques, ha trabajado para revistas como POSE Magazine y Noctis sin dejar a un lado la parte más personal de su visión, en la que constantemente observamos ninfas enigmáticas de miradas hechiceras, bailando en el eterno misterio del universo fotográfico de su creadora, quien juega con la noción de lo mágico y lo sobrenatural.




En este sentido, la obra de Marta se centra más en lo estético que en lo conceptual, pero la sinceridad de sus imágenes resulta tan intrigante que parecen contar historias por sí mismas, y es en estos relatos efímeros donde reside la esencia de sus fotografías.

Conoce más de su trabajo >>> Aquí





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You should interview: “Alison Avron”

Meet Alison Avron a singer, songwriter and a piano player. She grew up in rural South Australia and amused herself by singing in community choirs and touring with opera companies.


Once she was old enough to drive and enroll at university she moved to Canberra to study music. However, an institution could not hold down this fiercely independent girl so she dropped out and started writing songs and doing gigs of her own. In her own description of music she believes its more 85% Emotional 15% Logical. Lightly manic yet completely loveable, witty and nonchalant you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone like Alison Avron. Follow our next itw we made to this sweet and sparkly girl.

Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who is Alison?


My real name is Alison Avron Flett, but I use Alison Avron as my stage name. I sing, play piano, write songs and also run my 50 capacity music venue, The Newsagency in Sydney NSW, Australia. I’ve been singing since I was about 9 years old and feel very lucky to say that I do what I love everyday.

I: Where are you from?

AA: I am from Glencoe, South Australia. But I have lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 years now.

I: What is your most treasured memory as a child of being a musician?

AA: I was heavily involved in a community choir, the Southern Heritage Singers, from about the age of 9. I have great memories of getting on a bus to sing in regional parts of Australia for opera companies and various other events with a bunch of people who were, and still are to this day for that matter, like family to me.

I: When did you notice that being a musician was in your blood?

AA: My nana was a very talented violinist, and I think I have some long lost great great uncle who wrote musicals on my mum’s side so I suppose it’s been in my blood for years!


I: Tell us about your daily inspirations…

AA: I’m going through a bit of a tough time at the minute. My mother sadly passed away of brain cancer as well as other complications from her surgery about 6 weeks ago. She has and always be will be my biggest inspiration but daily, they are very much changing as I grow through my grief and sadness.
At the moment, I am inspired by the beauty of nature. Whether it is watching the sunset, thinking about the metamorphosis of a butterfly or walking through a beautiful park. I’m turning into a hippy before my very eyes and it feels wonderful.

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?

AA: I really admire a lot of Sydney singer/songwriters like NGAIIRE, Elana Stone and Sarah Belkner but I also love musicians like SIA, Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), Freddie Mercury. I love how Haruki Murakami and C.S. Lewis observe the world and I’ve always been inspired by M.Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Travelled.


I: What was the last concert you saw?

AA: I just saw Joan as Policewoman. She was INCREDIBLE. I wish I could be as cool as her. Before that it was Melanie Safka which was cool to see a bit of Woodstock history LIVE.

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?

AA: There’s a very supportive and very hip community radio station here in Sydney called Fbi 94.5FM. They play my music and plug my venue a lot so I’ve gotta think they’re cool right? 

I: What is your favorite food?

I love Turkish delight, Camembert, my dad’s chocolate self-sauce pudding he makes in the microwave and I also really like broccoli.


I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country?

AA: If only I had the money and knew how many fans I actually had there! I’d love to – I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country!

I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?

AA: We’re very lucky to have the amount of online platforms we have now. Soundcloud, NoiseTrade, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook. In some ways there may be too many – perhaps we’re all a little spoilt for choice, but I feel lucky to be able to share my music to a wider audience than just my local one as a result of all these platforms.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?

AA: You can find my music at:


Thank You for this interview Ali***


You should interview: “Room4Space”


ROOM4SPACE has performed at well-known clubs such as Cream Lounge, Faces Club, Factory, Red Room, Voxx etc. He was playing at parties with DJS like Jody Wisternoff, Interplay, Guy J Claes Rosen, Tom Morgan, Hisham Zahran, Matthew Dekay, Add2Basket and many more… please read the following interview we made to this talented musician who is making more than magic sounds!

I: Tell us your real name and who is ROOM4SPACE?

ROOM4SPACE: My name is Emre, and room4space is a music & human & animal and nature lover.I believe in peace,love,unity and respect.We are all united in the human condition.I began experimenting with electronic music and started music career my own sunset inspired music with tropical nu disco vibes & sweet vocals.Another way of life for me definitely clubbing.But its not about drugs,drama or sex. Sure these things can be fun but there’s alot to what a clubbing is and what it symbolizes.I’ve been always interested in space science.I can define myself a space addicted.

I: Where are you from

R4S: I was born in Ankara,the capital city of Turkey.

I: Since when you notice dat you had blood for being a Musician?

R4S: Coming from childhood.When i was a kid my favorite thing just listening good music and listened to 80′s Disco & Funk sounds i remember.After that i thought to give it a chance at making music.I’ve been DJ’ing for a long time but couple of years ago i got into the Nu Disco & Indie Dance scene and i am very happy on it !

DSC_0464 (2)

DSC_0476 (2)

DSC_0429 (2)

I: Do you have any ideology in your life mixed with your work, that you want to share with us? 

R4S: Its all about feeling good.I believe music is the nutrition for the soul ! Oh wanna say i hate politics its my ideology :) I told about it over first question also.In case “you are what you listen to” !

I: What elements do you use for your work?

R4S: My main equipments Mac Pro, Ableton, Roland Jupiter 80 & KingKorg Synthesizers.But technology is going to fast,and we can access anytime new softwares or studio equipments.

I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

R4S: I prefer digital materials.

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?

R4S: Sure i’ll drop some of them enjoy to listen; Aquarium Radio [FR], DI.FM [US], Dancefm [RO] and Ibiza Global Radio [SP]

I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country? 

R4S: All the time I get really good support from Mexico hope i ‘ll see you guys soon in Mexico ! I would like to see Cancun,Cozumel and Quintana Roo but i have to say my favorite place in Mexico is “Playa Del Carmen”


I: Were we can watch & listen your work?

R4S: You can check my Soundcloud and Facebook artist page also my official website coming very soon.

I:Tell us about your daily inspirations… 

R4S: My main inspirations come down to two words: Sunshine & Beachside.İf u wanna ask others i should say making & listening to music,cooking some delicious meals and hangin out with my guys.But i have very busy job.Im working in the television of “The Union of Turkish Bar Associations” so i dont have much time for doing everything.

I: What is your favorite food? 

R4S: Just one word “Sushi”

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?
R4S: Aeroplane, Darius, Bondax, Zimmer, Satin Jackets some musicians. 55DSL brand’s designers I respect all of them. I can say my favorite brand for  a long time in the urban culture and fashion. Christopher Nolan is my hero his works just brilliant ! I also love writers like Agatha Christie & Irving Wallace.

I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?R4S: Could be more done for new talents…


Thank you for this interview Emre!

You should interview: “Dharma Label”


We introduce you a spakling new independent label set to love all things alternative and electronic. Bearing music that makes you feel with all your senses and shoot through your fingers like magic, the Dharma Family adores melodies that are cinematic and present yet yielding and ethereal.

Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who are part of Dharma Label ?

Dharma Label: My name is David Dougherty (but I’ve been called Dibby my whole life) and I run DhARMA alongside my lovely lady Ciara Wilson. We started this small indie label 2 years ago, as we felt there was so much great music out there and not many labels were interested in these styles. We just wanted to give these cool guys a home for their music, as it really deserved it.

I: Where are you from?
DL: We are both from a small town in Ireland called Derry but we are now living in China, we like to travel a lot and feel life a nomadic life suits us, I think next year we will be living in South America.

I:What is your most treasured memory as a child being a Musician?
DL: I wouldn’t call myself a musician at all, I barely know how to play the keyboard, I wish I could play various instruments but sadly I don’t, I do know how to press buttons on my computer to make strange noises, sometimes these noises sound cool but most of the time they sound awful. Anyways, my most treasured musical memory would probably be the first time I heard ‘The fine young cannibals’. My parents had their album on tape and I can remember constantly playing this tape in the car when being driven to school.

I: Since when you notice dat you had blood for being a Musician?

DL: Again, I am not a musician but I don’t really remember a ‘light bulb’ moment when I was like ‘hey, I wanna be involved in music’ it kinda just happened, I always loved music and had my first set of turntables when i was around 12/13, since then I have just been collecting records and doing gigs and stuff.

I: What is the purpose of make this kind of music instead something else genre?
DL: Well the music I play in my dj sets and what I produce, are a million miles away from what we release on DhARMA. On our label we put out electronica vibes, music we like to listen to during the day, not club music. We chose this style to release as I was sick of techno and house at the time and was really vining off more downtempo records.

I: Tell us about your daily inspirations.
DL: I am inspired by witnessing different cultures, together me and Ciara have travelled to 37 countries on my last count. We are keen backpackers and this is what really keeps us alive.


I: Do you have any ideology in your life mixed with your work, that you want to share with us?
DL: Travel and be a nice person, simples.

I: What elements do you use for your work?
DL: I am an Apple geek and swear by Logic. Have had a bunch of different hardware over the years but right now as I am in China I am running Logic on a Macbook Pro with a tiny midi keyboard and some studio headphones, a proper portable studio that I can whip out anywhere at anytime. I love taking long train journeys and having full access to the studio while looking out the window.

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?
DL: Some amazing musicians I adore… Air, Angelo Badalamenti, Radiohead, Beach House, Bob Dylan, Daft Punk, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, Hans Zimmer, John Carpenter, Joni Mitchell, The Knife, Michael Giacchino, Mozart, Nils Frahm, The Tallest Man on Earth, The Mamas and the Papas, I could go on all day but I think thats more than 8.

I: What was the last concert you saw?
DL: Beach House, an outdoor gig with amazing weather in Dublin, it was an epic day.


I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?
DL: Analog, but it costs so much…

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?
DL: I don’t listen to the radio, but I follow an awesome indie online radio station called ‘Folk Radio UK.’

I: What gifts did you receive on your last birthday?
DL: I got an R&S Recordings jumper and Jack London’s ‘The Sea Wolf’


I: What is your favorite food?

DL: I adore a good burger, but they are pretty hard to find in China so my fave food here at the moment is fried noodles from a street vender near our house. They are the bomb.

I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country?
DL: Next year I will return to Mexico, I am currently planning a road trip from North America to South America with Ciara and our two best friends. I want to make sure I see the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, I’m really interested in the history and it’s one of those places you should witness in your lifetime.

I: Is there something you want to share with our audience?
DL: 4-8-15-16-23-42 ;)

I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?
DL: Yeah, Soundcloud is amazing, use it to make friends and share ideas, its a fantastic place for new talents.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?
DL: I have some music on my own Soundcloud page, and also my DhARMA soundcloud page has our record labels entire catalogue.


Thank you so much for this interview David!

You should interview: “Fitz Lauder”


Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who is Fitz Lauder?

Fitz Lauder: My real name is Fitzgerald Llauder. As a kid growing up, my father frequently subjected me to his disco collection. At 11 years old, I was introduced to Depeche Mode and automatically fell in love with their synth sound. Then a year later, I stumbled upon 2 Technics turntables with a mixer and became infatuated with the art of mixing. I somehow convinced my parents to invest in DJ equipment and I spent every penny from my allowance to purchase cassette maxi and 12” singles. Thereafter, I was obsessed and passionate about discovering, listening, and sharing the music that I deeply love. It continues to this day and there is no end in sight.

I: What is your most treasured memory as a child being a DJ?

FL: Record shopping to buy every Depeche Mode and new wave artist 12” Maxi Single I could get my hands on. That was my equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. After arriving home, I would devote my time to mixing and listening to my favorite vinyls and tapes. I was in my own world as a bedroom DJ.

I: What is the purpose of make this kind of music instead something else genre?

FL: It’s a genuine true expression of love and emotion which connects deeply to your soul.


I: Tell us about your daily inspirations…

FL: I listen to my favorite artists everyday and when I discover a new upcoming one, I feel hopeful and motivated. I try to be aware and appreciative of the beauty in everyday things such as the positive qualities of people, the deliciousness of the food we eat, and the impressiveness in nature and in manmade creations.

I: Do you have any ideology in your life mixed with your work, that you want to share with us?

FL: Love what you do and do what you love. Always strive to be the best. No matter the circumstances, I focus on delivering the most technically perfect and harmonic set possible. Plus, I am my own worst critic.


I: What elements do you use for your work?
FL: Ableton Live 8, Traktor Scratch Pro, Kontrol X1, Kontrol F1

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?

FL: Depeche Mode, DJ Qbert, Dan Brown, Michael Jackson, Geshe Kelseng Gyatso, Goldroom, Jim Carey, Tesla Boy

I: What was the last concert you saw?

FL: The last major music festival that I attended was SXSW in Austin which recently became USA’s largest indie dance music festival. I was able to experience my favorite nu disco artists perform in the most laid back fun environments and talk to them in person. I have never had so much fun in my life, been greatly inspired to that degree, and socialize intimately with fellow music lovers and artists. It’s a powerful celebration of music and life.



I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

FL: It’s Digital as it allows me to manipulate and remix tracks live in real time. You can format and program the music in such a way to make it work the way you see fit. It’s amazing and does not lose its charm!

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?

FL: Euforia Radio based in Mexico. In addition to streaming on the web we broadcast FM in Argentina and Mexico.

I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México, what places would you like to meet of this country?

FL: I would love to as I hear amazing things about the beaches, culture, and food from my friends. I was recently invited to play in Guadalajara and have been interested in the coastal areas such as Cancùn and Cabo San Lucas. I naturally love the beach as I am of island decent.

Beauty Bar 2014-05-18
I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?

FL: It’s absolutely the best time to be an artist as you can easily post your music on platforms such as Soundcloud and Youtube. If you are fortunate enough, blogs and labels can discover you and provide you added massive exposure. You can even bypass labels, and sell/distribute your tracks directly to the public. The music industry is experiencing a paradigm shift and it’s wonderful for upcoming artists.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?


I hold a residency at the Dallas World Trade Center, Sushi Axiom, and I perform at various hired gigs throughout the Dallas area.



Thank You for this interview Fitz!

“You should interview: Alexander Supertrill.”


I:  Who is Alexander Supertrill?

AS: Alexander Supertrill is a play on the name “Alexander Supertramp” which is the tramping name for Christopher McCandless. Christopher McCandless was a kid with big dreams you may remember from the book and movie Into The Wild. An inspiring story about a kid who gave up everything to hitchhike across the US to eventually land him in Alaska to pursue true happiness. Its a story I really connect with and it inspired me.

I:  Where are you from and where have you lived and visited?

AS: I am from Gatlinburg, but I moved to Knoxville, a couple years ago to pursue a career in the music industry. I am a traveling person at heart so I have been everywhere from Canada to Mexico and far and wide in between.

I: When did you begin producing and performing as an artist?
AS: I have always had my hands in music and the music scene here in Knoxville, TN and beyond. I didn’t start producing till about August 2012 when I started the project and began to push sounds in my city that inspired me as a creative outlet.
I: What is you most treasured moment as an artist?
AS: Thats hard to narrow down, I have had a lot of amazing moments in under a year for doing this project. Some of my favorites were waking up to people like Sugarpill, Boeboe, Sevnth Wonder, Tulpa and many other artists supporting and liking my most popular collab “Now That You’ve Found It” with Shuurin. Another was playing Deep House, Funk, and Nu Disco at SXSW and throwing a showcase of my own in under 2 days with Swagglerock, Filibusta, Pleasure, and some homies. Oh and Brownsville,  is full of some good people and talented artists, I really love it there and in general.
I: Why are you an artist, why do you make the music you make instead of another genre?
AS: Well to be honest to answer the first part of the question I do this because I have been heavily influenced by music for years and its something I can not really ignore. I started by interviewing artists like Kastle, NastyNasty, Sugarpill and people alike. Then I started my label and released music from up and coming artists all over the world for free. Eventually after throwing events and touring I couldnt ignore the urge to produce and perform myself. Now I do not make one genre, right now on my soundcloud I have a few tracks that range from beat music to 808 trill sounds. The new music I have been working on is a mixture of a lot of genres from Juke and Footwork to Trap and even House elements as well. I want to always push my boundaries, bottom line.
I: What elements do you use when you produce/perform?
AS: I use ableton to produce and perform live. I use and APC40 to play live shows with an effects rack I tweaked from the custom one CONTRA made. Production I don’t really use too much other than everything Ableton has to offer and I am learning Massive, but I am trying to work on learning a lot more about different synths and building a better live set up to stand out from other artists.
I: What do you use as inspiration as an artist?
AS: Inspiration is a weird thing for me, I am very new to all of this so I dont know too many things that inspire me to make music. Inspiration usually comes randomly and I just start working on something. When I was on tour in Texas I had a lot of inspiration and started a few collabs on the road that you will heart very soon. Subxchronic and Dbraker collabs tho…
I:  What was the last show you attended? How many albums do you own?
AS: The last show I went to was Herobust and Felix Cartel, I did not stay to see them because I am weird and sometimes I have the urge to just leave when I am around people too much. Before that I remember being stuck in Austin, TX with Trill Scott Heron and his girl Elle and we went to Barcelona and watched 50 Carrot while this girl swung all her limbs as fast as she could with no regard for anyone around her. That was very entertaining. I do not own very many physical copies of music anymore, but I did just purchase the #INTERNETGHETTO compilation from Hyperboloid Records on green vinyl… :)
I: Mention at least 8 artists you admire the most.
AS: This list of artists is going to be hard, so its going to be more of a list of artists I respect and love at the moment… that I can think of.  Dev79, Pixelord, Stwo, Kid Atlass (RIP), Taso, Thomas White, Gillepsy, Blonde…
I: Share an embarrassing moment from your life.
AS: The most recent story was my boy came out of the bathroom and looked like he had thrown up, but actually he was crying, and I said “You been cryin’?” and he spat back hatefully saying yes because he just got news that his family had some issues. Anyways I felt like an asshole cause I just thought he had thrown up, but all was well after explaining everything haha.
I: How do people respond to your music when you perform live?
AS: It depends on the show really, sometimes I will open and play downtempo sexy music and that goes over great but its nothing people go crazy over because it is so slow and melodic. Or I will play juke/footwork stuff in NY and get some weird people on the dancefloor doing shuffle dancing. I switch up the vibes of my set almost every show depending what my set time is and where I am playing.
I: Is there somewhere you want to play live, maybe a festival?
AS:  I want to play Emmissions Festival.
I: Do you prefer digital or analogue?
AS: Digital for now, but I would love some analogue.
I: Is there somewhere you would like to play, maybe a festival?
AS: The best place to listen to my music is on soundcloud.

I: Do you plan on touring through Mexico soon? What places would you like to visit here?

AS: I would LOVE to tour in Mexico, I am very fond of Texas and Brownsville in particular. I have been there before and would love to come play some music there, but it is not easy to book in foreign countries like that. Maybe once I am bigger and people from Mexico start requesting me to play there I could come down. Until then we hope! It is a gorgeous country. I loved visiting the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza and I am a cook, so the food for me was very refreshing.

I: Is there anything else you would like to share?

AS: I am working on putting out some new material. I do not have too much I can share at the moment, but I took a break from making my mix for Freshmore to do this interview. Thank you so much for your time. Check out Freshmore >>>
And this Tracks/Superscrew/Mixes
Thank you so much for this interview Alexander!