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Alberto Moreu es un fotógrafo que reside en Italia, su trabajo ha sido reconocido a lo largo de estos cinco años a través de la fotografía de moda, la revista Koreana BLINK lo ha dado a conocer como una influencia a seguir en la fotografía moderna- contemporánea, mientras que sus intereses van acompañados de un gusto por la moda, por el orden y no orden de la estética que superan más que el buen gusto por las imágenes… “Muroe se describe, como alguien que le gustaría reconocerse a si mismo al final del camino.”

Aquí les ofrecemos esta entrevista recién hecha a este diseñador y fotógrafo, quien apenas comenzó a fumar tabaco después de 16 años de no hacerlo, y que por lo visto tiene más cabello blanco de lo normal, a pesar de tener treinta y un años de edad.

Entrevista en su idioma original. (inglés) 


*IndaMagazine Interview*

Indamagazine: Make a little description of you Alberto. (it could be a logical description of your physiognomy or maybe something more focused on your work as a photographer in these five years.) 

Alberto: My name is Alberto Moreu, I am thirty one years old, I am 170 cm tall. I weigh less than normal, and I do not eat a lot. My hair is more white than black. I started reading and drawing at five, then I stopped. I started smoking at fourteen, then I stopped with that. During high school I was thinking of becoming a chemist. I quit after three days. I am a graphic designer. It is the thing that I never stopped doing. I run my own studio with my colleague and friend. It is five years since I start taking pictures, and I just bought a Contax G2. I like to change things at the very last moment, the sun on my face, the flash. I am a presumptuous. I started smoking, again.

I: Who is Alberto Moreu and what you do?

A: I am me. I do graphic design and photography.

I: What main elements or materials do you use for your artwork?

A: As a photographer, I use only my camera and color negative films. And a mac for post production. 

I: What is your definition for Alberto Moreu photography? 

A: Disorder versus new order.

I: What or who inspires you to do your photo/work as we know it?

A: My friends, my books. “You can find inspiration in everything. And if you can’t, look again”. It’s by Paul Smith, or Buddha, I can’t remember.

I: Mention at least 10 favourite things (can be objects or precious moments) that are the top of your list of amazing things in your life.

A: My friends. My imagination. My books. My Contax G2. 

My home. Waking up on Sunday morning. To be conscious.

To have the chance to say no. My plans. My freedom.




I: Mention at least 10 *wish things* (can be objects or precious moments) that are the top of your *wish list of amazing things that you would like to live*.

A: I don’t have so much wish things. I have one: to completely follow my intuitions. To meet me at the end of the path.

I: What is your greatest strength as a human, photographer, and as a designer?

A: I don’t think I should say something like this. I wouldn’t be so objective. But I think, is that I never give up.

I: What is your greatest weakness as a human, photographer and as a designer?

A: I said too much “yes”.


I: Where we can find your work Alberto?

A: As a photographer I am at the very beginning. I was featured and interviewed on some blogs I like, and I have been published on the korean magazine Blink

My interest is toward fashion industry, so I would like to develop some projects in this field.

I: Tell us about your projects, what is your job as a photographer and what are the conclusions of this exercise that you are getting in photography?

A: I will find the conclusions when I will reach the point. I think it will take a lot of time. Or at least, I hope so. So by now, I can only imagine what I would like to be.

I: How would you like consider the opportunities in your country for people like you, people incredible-creative-busy with a lot of projects?

A: I don’t think the place should be an excuse to do or not to do something. The people are their own obstacles, not the country. Anyway, I think the proper place for me isn’t this one.

I: Is there something that you would like to share to this audience in addition to your information of your projects?

A: Yes. A question: What might you do differently from what you do now?  I: Too much! I think every second counts… and is not the same as the second before… 








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