You should Interview: “Golden Scissors”


Indamagazine les trae… la siguiente entrevista realizada a Golden Scissors*

Bruno Romeu, fundador del blog de música de  Golden Scissors. Es portugués y ejecuto este proyecto con un equipo increíble de personas radicadas en Portugal, Inglaterra, Estados Unidos, Holanda, Alemania y España.

Siempre con el propósito de publicar lo mejor que pueden encontrar, no importa si los artistas son más o menos conocidos, su tejido moral es escribir sobre música que les gusta y que mantiene a GS (Golden Scissors) con vida.

Entrevista en su idioma original. (inglés) 

*IndaMagazine Interview*

Bruno Romeu: Hello nice people/readers of IndaMagazine, I’m Bruno, founder of Golden Scissors music blog. I’m Portuguese and I run this project with an amazing team of people based in Portugal, England, United States, Holland, Germany and Spain. I created Golden Scissors in January of 2011, and it has been amazing to see this project growing so fast. This was also the reason why in the beginning of 2012 I asked some friends to help me out with this project, because I couldn’t handle it alone anymore.  

 Our moral fabric is to write about music we love, always with the purpose of posting the best we can find, no matter if the artists are more or less known.  The interview below it’s not just about me. I will try to talk in the name of our crew. Without them it would be almost impossible to keep GS alive. So at the moment they are: Marco Silva, Nuno Silva, Bianca Cadloni, Bruno Sousa, Smokies Alive, Maria Otto and me. There are other writers that have been with us in the past, but for professional/personal reasons they’re not with us anymore.

Indamagazine: Who is Bruno and what you do?

Golden Scissors: Well, you’ve started with a difficult one! I’m just a music lover that lives on an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and I have plenty of time to listen to music. All my life has been related to music. Not many people know about this, but at 11 years old I started to sing classical music as a tenor. At the time I was studying in a private school in Lisbon, and I was far from home.

I’ve always been a fan of all kinds of music and have been interested in several decades and influences of music on people’s lives. So basically, I can say that Golden Scissors is the result of all those years I’ve been listening and studying music. I love contemporary electronic music in almost all forms, but I also like Classical Music, 70’s disco, Indie Dance/Nu Disco. Most recently, I’ve embraced Chillwave and Post-Dubstep. By the age of 17 I started to be more interested about the DJing world, which also gave me a lot of experiences and I had the chance to play in amazing places. These were not limited to where I live, but also in the mainland. I also lived in Belgium for a couple of months and discovered a lot of disco producers. It was great to grow up as human being, and also an opportunity to discover other cultures.


I: What main elements or materials do you use for GS?

GS:  We use all platforms we can to share music. I would say that Soundcloud is the biggest tool we have to find new artists and we can also follow our favorite producers. We always try to make people read our articles, because we really work hard to find information about what we’re delivering. We also use Twitter because it reaches a lot more people (mainly from the US). Facebook used to be a powerful tool, but since it started to be paid, it’s not that interesting anymore.  We also receive plenty of newsletters and free submissions. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to read them all, but we always put in extra effort to pay attention to everything we receive.You never know what are you going to hear, and that’s one of the most exciting part about emails. It is also interesting to see that we create relationships with our favorite artists, especially when they release something new. It’s almost impossible not to write about it. Without a doubt our actual site is our favorite tool to share music we love. Nothing better, than to open a new sheet and start to write your thoughts about a piece.

Lots of times you get lost while writing about someone because his/their music means a lot to you. Inside our crew there’s always someone that wants to write about a certain act. It’s really exciting to see our crew motivated about blogging.  We try to be organized as much as we can and obviously. English is the main language. Even though some of us have a different nationality, we must respect our rules. Some of us only conduct interviews, others are just editing posts, we also try to write extensive reviews. Marco has been doing the design and the other Bruno (we have two) takes care of bugs and fights against hackers all the time…hahah. Yeah, it’s a lot of work!

I: For whom was made your GS blog?  What or who inspires you to do this project GS, as we know it? 

GS:  GS is a music blog basically dedicated to all forms of electronic movements. We always post “sweet” and melodic music. We do respect “banger” genres, but we’re definitely not fans of hard or repetitive music. I’ve created GS to share the music I really love and touch my soul. I must confess that I had no idea of what was going to happen in the future. So, I created a regular WordPress blog and started to write one post per day. What really surprised me, was the fact that some producers were adding me as friend on Facebook and sharing my posts. I was so impressed with my work that I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing something right, and I wasn’t alone with the music I like.

Another aspect that moved me to create GS is the fact that some people always write about the same artists. Not everyone of course, but generally that’s the way it is. It’s much easier to write about big names, but for me as music blogger there’s nothing richer than to find new producers with music who is produced with soul and love. 

I would say that nowadays the biggest challenge is to find the next “thing” of  the next wunderkind. I would say that my biggest “find” as blogger was Dream Koala’s music. He’s only 18 years old and I found him through research. After posting a single called “We Can’t Be Friends” he got more than 180,000 plays on Soundcloud. At the moment he’s considered the wunderkind of the French scene, and recently played at the Boiler Room.  It’s stuff like this that inspires me to keep working hard to find more genius around the world! 


I: Mention at least 10 favourite things (can be objects or precious moments) that are the top of your list of amazing things in your life.


  1. Internet and computer are without a doubt the best tools we have nowadays. Thanks to the internet I’ve created something that really makes me proud.
  2. My Daft Punk’s vinyl of “Homework” LP. They are a reference to me!
  3. My mother! She fought all her life to give me the best education and I think she did a great job. I’m not rich or anything, but I’ve learned so much about life with her. She’s an example for me.
  4. The place where I live. I have the sea very close from my house. When I was living In Belgium, I missed it all the time. I can’t live without the sea.
  5. The opportunity I have to private with some of my personal producers. It’s like a dream come true.  It’s mutual respect relationship.
  6. The chance I had to live in Lisbon, which is my favorite city in the world. I had the chance to sing for 7 years, and I’ve met amazing people when I lived there.
  7. Every day I thank god for the chance of enjoying different music and to be open minded person. I don’t listen to the radio, or anything like that. I search for what I listen to.
  8. One of the best moments I had was to play in the mainland. There’s nothing better than to play the music you really love, and feel that people are actually enjoying it!
  9. The chance I had to work in Belgium. I had a lot of fun and the opportunity to discover a whole new world!

10. Finally the support of my Golden Crew. I’m not an easy person to deal with. Sometimes, I can become really boring and strict.  I’m friends of Smokie Alive sisters since the time of Mysapce. They always supported me. I’m very grateful for everything they’ve been doing for me. 

I: Mention at least 10 *wish things* (can be objects or precious moments) that are the top of your *wish list of amazing things that you would like to live


  1. I would love to organize a festival where I live. I would love people to know what I do, and why I actually do it.
  2. I would love one day to produce my own music. I don’t know if it’s going to sound good or bad, but that would be interesting. I currently don’t have time, because I have so much to do with GS.
  3. I would love to take GS to the next step. I would like to make this project a worldwide reference. 
  4. One of my biggest wishes is that one day, the music we post will become “mainstream” and it will be played on the radio.
  5. A silly one. I would love to have a boat and travel between the islands, and all over the world.
  6. One of my biggest wishes is to meet my GS crew.  We are good friends and we talk almost every day.  But it’s not the same. Maybe one day we will have the chance to be together.
  7. Another wish I have is to meet personally some of the producers I’ve been writing about. I consider some of them my friends. There’s nothing more amazing to talk with geniuses of the electronic music we post about. Sometimes they send me their music asking about my personal opinion. How awesome is that?
  8. Another dream I have is to meet/interview Daft Punk. I think I’m not alone with this dream. J
  9. I would love to have my own radio show. This one is not impossible. As soon as I have time, I will work on that.

10. Finally, I would love to live almost exclusively off my blog. Not just me, but also the people that work with me! 


I: What is your greatest strength as a human, musician and bloguer – music lover? 

GS:  I would say that my greatest strength is to believe that the music I share daily, is the best music you can listen at the moment.  There’s a lot of music being released every day, but I always believe that what I’m posting is the best of all. Maybe I’m being too selfish, but at least I’m honest! 

I: What is your greatest weakness as a human, musician and bloguer – music lover? 

GS:  My biggest weakness maybe is to speak before thinking. As a blogger, I think that my biggest weakness is to love writing about music, more than I love myself. Sometimes I don’t even sleep well thinking about a post I have to write. As musician/DJ. Honestly, I don’t. I love to play music and put together some mixes, but I don’t think much about that. In my opinion, all my mixes are terrible…hahaha!

I: Where we can find your information of your project GS?

GS:  Well actually, that’s something that is not easy to find. Probably this interview will give more information about Golden Scissors. Anyway, check out the links below:

I: Tell us about your projects, what is your job as a researcher – music lover, and what are the conclusions of this exercise that you are getting in Golden Scissors?

GS: Like I said before, I would love to make GS a reference worldwide. It’s not an easy task, but we’re working on that. We have a lot of stuff going on. Currently, our new website is being designed. Hopefully it will bring more opportunities for us. To be honest, I think we’re on right path. We’ve interviewed some of our personal favorite producers such as Flight Facilities, Gigamesh, Classixx or Moullinex. There are a lot of things that we’re planning for 2014, but I can’t talk about that for now….

I: How would you like consider the opportunities in your country for people like you, people incredible-creative-busy with a lot of projects?

GS: When I started GS, I already knew that it wouldn’t be easy inside the country. Basically, because we write in English and the idea is to make it more international. Although when I think about that, it always makes me feel sad. I love my island/country, but I feel that people don’t really care much about what we’re doing. I live on a place that is still a bit old fashioned and if you have money, you can make a lot of “friends.” If not, you’re not going to have an easy life. Maybe in the future things will change. But hey, I’m here to prove that there’s always an exception!

I: Is there something that you would like to share to this audience in addition to your information of your projects?

GS: I just want to thank IndaMagazine for being interested about GS. I’m a huge fan of the Mexican culture, and I’m planning to move to your amazing country soon. I have really good Mexican friends, and people from your country are always nice to me. You guys are true legends! I respect all the people that follow GS, and it means a lot to me all the support we have been receiving from your country.

Thank you once again!

Peace ♥



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