You should Interview: “Paola Hernández”


La revista Vogue México la cataloga como una promesa en la moda actual, con presencia en México, Bogotá, Estados Unidos y Europa, Paola Hernández ha ganado terrero en el mundo de la moda cosmopolita e intelectual, además de la industria musical al vestir a personalidades como Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Horrors, IMS y Adanowsky.

Paola nace en la ciudad de México el 17 de noviembre. Estudia Filosofía en la Universidad Iberoamericana en D.F. y luego Moda en la reconocida escuela Central Saint Martins en Londres. Después de esto, en 2007 lanza su marca ‘Paola Hernandez’. Actualmente presentó sus colecciones en Paris en Rendez-vous y en México en el Mercedes Fashion Week. Sus colecciones siempre estan inspiradas en la evolución del ser humano.

Les dejamos la siguiente entrevista que Paola nos regaló hace poco.

Entrevista en su idioma original. (inglés)


Indamagazine: Make a little description of you Paola. (it could be a logical description of your physiognomy or maybe something more focused on your work as a fashion designer.) 

Paola Hernández: I am a person in the search of truth and beauty. 

I: Who is Paola Hernández and what you do?

PH: I am a fashion designer inspired by philosophy to create collections with symbols. 

 I: What main elements or materials do you use for your fashion artwork?

 PH: I like using pure materials, such as cotton, silk, leather, cashmere.


I: We know that you make studies in México and other countries, mention why you choose to study in Saint Martin’s College rather than New York or other place. 

PH: I chose St. Martins because it was the college that had an emphasis on exploring the limits beyond your creativity. I was looking for my voice as a designer at the time.

I: What or who inspires you to do your fashion work as we know it, it could be zillions! > at least mention 5 of them. (Most important for you) 

PH: Martin Heidegger, Martin Margiela, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang.

christaan felber 02

christaan felber 22

christaan felber 01

I: Mention at least 10 favourite things (can be objects or precious moments) that are the top of your list of amazing things in your life.

PH: Yoga, strawberry ice-cream, Darjeeling tea, Tulum, a temazcal with a shaman, my family, Pancho, travel, fashion, art, music

I: Mention at least 10 *wish things* (can be objects or precious moments) that are the top of your *wish list of amazing things that you would like to live*.

PH: Open a Paola Hernández store in different cities around the world, travel around the world, a beach house, a loft in NYC, share my work with people around the world, become a better dancer, learn how to sing, learn more recipes, become a better designer every day.

I: What is your greatest strength as a human, philosopher, and as a fashion designer?

PH: As a human being I am a good listener, as a philosopher I make good questions, as a fashion designer I am focused.

23. Monica Olsen

I: Where we can find your work?

PH: My store in Mexico City: Emilio Castelar 149, Polanco, on my website:, at EVA in NYC and Wonderland in San Francisco, at Common People in Mexico.

I: Tell us about your projects, what is your objective as a fashion designer in your country and what would you expect to do for the next 5 years?

PH: My objective as a fashion designer is to share philosophical concepts through fashion.

In the next 5 years, we will open 2 more stores in the US. 

19. Veronika




I: How would you like to be considered in the present: ¿as an contemporary artist, as an fashion pioneer or as person who love and know what does.?

PH: As a contemporary artist that loves fashion as an expression of the human being.

Thank You for the interview Paola!



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