You should interview: “Topiz”

Topiz is a cool artist from México who become an illustrator, photographer, and also is a muralist. We ask him a few questions just to know more about of him.


Indamagazine: ¿Tell us your real name and who Topiz is?
Topiz: My real name is Topiltzin, Topiz is just the short name my parents gave me so it could be easier to pronounce.

I: ¿Since when you begin to work as an artist?
T: Since 2008.

I:¿What is your most treasured memory as Topiz?
T: People truly believing in my work is always a very nice memory.


I: ¿Tell us about your work, what is the purpose ok make art instead something else?
T: My personal work stands as a mental release method. I don’t wanna sound too hedonist but I paint because I try to satisfy myself and so far, none other discipline has gave me that.

I: ¿What elements or materials do you use for your art?
T: Symbolism is always present in my pieces; also reminiscence to baroque, obscurantism and chiaroscuro have been there for the last years. I mostly use graphite pencils, acrylic painting, watercolor and Indian ink over cotton based paper. I will definitely start painting oil on canvas this year and see how it goes.

I: ¿Is there something that you could use as an inspiration for your art? (what is it)
T: Academic art and the “rebel” artistic movements from the 19th century and backwards. And music of course.



Apache-TribeI: ¿Mention 3 artist that you admire it most?
T: Rogier Van der Weyden, Jan Van Neck, Jan Vermeer (there are plenty whom I admire a lot too).

I: ¿What is your favorite holiday? ¿Why?
T: I don’t have a favorite one, not anymore. I enjoy Día de Muertos though, because visiting graves by myself that day is not that weird.

I: Complete this sentence: “I wish I had someone with whom I could share. . . “
T: … my secret passion for hoarding little useless things like concert tickets, feathers I found on the street, rocks, beetle shells, museum flyers, small interesting branches, etc.

Encarnaci¢nI: ¿What is the greatest thing of your life?
T: Pipo, my dog.

I: ¿Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?
T: Analog.

DesmembradoI: ¿Where we can watch your work?

I: ¿Is there something you want to share with our audience?
T: I just found out my friend from Mexicali is coming to visit and he’s staying at my house and that’s makes me anxious and excited.


Muchas gracias por la entrevista, Topiz!

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