You should interview: “Kun”

Influenced by J Dilla . Pharrell Williams . Quincy Jones . Just Blaze . George Benson . Robert Glasper . Ahmad Jamal and more… This guy is making a new way of transcending in the electronic genre music in Australia, we chat with him a little bit about his projects and this what he prepared to us.

Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who KUN is?

Kun: My real name is Kun Xue. I’m a Chinese-born Australian, currently residing in the beautiful city of Sydney.  

I: Tell us about your work, what is the purpose of make music instead something else?

K: Music is my ultimate passion. I love manipulating sounds, rhythms and melodies into a cohesiveness, something wholesome. I work a full-time job at a commercial TV station to pay the bills, but any chance I get I’m straight in the lab. Producing offers a respite from the daily grind. It’s like meditation for me. I forget about the world for a while. And after the magic happens, I cannot wait to share it to the world, let others experience the intimacy that just ensued. If it touches them in any way, I couldn’t be more content.

I: Were comes the name KUN?

K: It comes from the city in which my dad was born.


I: Since when you begin to work as an musician ?

K: I started messing around with beat making around 10 years ago when I was still in high school. Back then I thought it was a cool thing to do and it allowed my brain to ooze out all the creative juices dancing around in there.

I then went on to study Audio Engineering and Sound Production at a music college, and since then I guess is when music production took a serious turn. I’ve learnt so much along the way and now it’s really about refining my craft and collaborating with like-minded musicians.

I: What is your most treasured memory as a child?

K: Relating to music? Hearing Michael Jackson’s Thriller on cassette tape for the first time – blew my mind. It was actually a family friend’s tape, so I begged him to lend it to me so I could record it onto another tape via my Teac boombox. Obviously I had no idea who Quincy Jones was, but he was most definitely the first producer to catch my attention.

I: What elements, materials do you use for your work?

K: I’ve got a pretty small set-up. Working off a PC with ProTools, rewired with FL Studio and Reason. I’ve got an external hard drive packed with drums sounds, sound FX and my own recordings of instruments. Sometimes, just for kicks (no pun intended), I like to chop it up on the MPC1000. But I mostly sequence with my MIDI keyboard with a bunch of VST synths and samplers.


I: Its there something that you could use as an inspiration for your music? (what is it)

K: I draw inspiration from a lot of things, my musical peers, film etc. But I think life inspires me most of all. Not just my own experiences, but other people’s joy, sorrow, whatever it may be, I try to soak it all in and relay that back out through my music. Art imitates life and vice versa.

I: Would you like to share some of your favourite dishes? What is your favourite food that you like to prepare and to buy?

K: I’m not much of a chef, haha. I can only cook two dishes, roast chicken and spaghetti bolognaise. They’re pretty staple though, so you can’t go wrong with that duo. If I’m too lazy to cook, which is most of the time, I love to pig out on ramen, or burritos, or dumplings. Great thing about Sydney is you can find all those foods and more, and it’s LEGIT!

I: Is there something you want to share with our audience?

K: I used to MC and beatbox before making beats seriously. Glad I didn’t pursue the way of the mic.

I: Mention 3 artist that you admire it most?

K: Wow, tough. Quincy Jones for planting the seed. Mozart for providing me with the soil and nutrients. And Pharrell Williams for providing the sunlight. I am effectively a plant.

I: What is your favorite holiday? Why?

K: To relax and unwind, Bali is the place to be. The locals are literally the nicest people on the planet and the resorts there are stunning. To party it up, Shanghai for sure. I was there with a crew last year for my birthday. All I can say is life-long memories were created. Stories you’d tell your grandkids about.

I: Complete this sentence: “I wish I had someone with whom I could share. . . “

K: …my Twix with.

I: What is the greatest thing of your life?

K: My family and friends, and music of course.

I: Who is your favorite filmmaker?

K: Another tough one. It would be a battle between Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorcese. Both genius visionaries who made absolute classics. You could watch their films over and over and spot something new every time.

I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

K: I work with mostly digital. The trend of sound is moving more towards that. I do adore the warmth, dynamics and hands-on approach of analog, if only I could afford some gear, haha.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?

K: You can find me on


Thank You for the interview, Kun!


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