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Sello discográfico independiente, dedicado a la búsqueda y promoción del arte. Kolossus Records es una etiqueta fundada con el principio fundamental de compartir buena música. Creado por artistas que se reunieron con un objetivo y un sueño para compartir la buena música que escuchan todos los días. No sólo promueven la buena música, sino todas las formas de arte e innovación.

Realizamos esta entrevista a Dexter Brandon fundador de este sello quien después de muchos emails y mensajes por inbox, logró responder a todas nuestras indagadoras preguntas.

Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and what Kolossus Records is?

Kolossus Records: Hey there! My name is Dexter Brandon aka XED Official, and I am the Founder and owner of Kolossus Records. An Atlanta, Georgia established record label that promotes, not only music, but all forms of art. Paintings, photography, film, and anything that really resembles creativity, innovation, and value.

I: Where does the name Kolossus come from?

KR: Colossus the actually word and meaning, means something bigger than normal. When I started producing, I tried to form a group with some friends under Colossus, but it never took off. Months later when I was able to establish a bigger fan base and the courage, I founded Kolossus Records. Colossus Records was taken in Google mail so I threw a K in it and the rest was history!



I: Since when did you begin to work as a producer & musician?

KR: Damn, I started in 2012 but it feels like forever ago. I started from being inspired by the beats and music that Odd Future was throwing out around that time when they released the Odd Future Tape Vol. 2 while I was in my senior year of high school.

I: What is your most treasured memory you had as a child?

KR: Hmm….Most treasured huh? Probably me going to Hawaii with my family. It was so beautiful and peaceful when we went. I want to get back to that paradise. I miss it. I remember before we left, I got the Spiderman 2 Video game for the PlayStation 2. So much swag was in that video game.

I: Tell us about your work, what is the purpose of sharing & making music instead of something else?

KR: The reason I make and share my music instead of something else, is because I want people to hear my story in their ears. My music all means something to me, and I want people to understand it. Sharing my music also is a form of liberation for me. It’s better than posting emotional ass statuses on Facebook 24/7. I try to let my music speak for me.

I: What elements, materials do you use for your work?

KR: My work is really a load of different things. All genres really. But I believe that the reason it’s different genres, is because it captures every aspect of my life. The ups, downs, pushing, and pulling. Love born, love lost deal. So much that it just comes out in my fingers when I’m mashing those buttons! My emotions are what I really need to even make anything. Now for those that wonder what I use to make music material wise, I use FL Studios 10, some studio Beats headphones, an M-Audio Oxygen 49 Keyrig Midi, and some Numark turntables for mixing.



I: Is there something that you could use as an inspiration for your research in music?

KR: What I use as inspiration is my failure in school my first freshman year of college. I was watching everyone excel in something, and I was just, plain. Making F’s and slowly letting life slide out of my fingers. I wanted better for myself. So from then on every day when I’d be doing something musical, I would try my best to be extraordinary and excel in whatever it was that I wanted to do.

I: Mention 7 artist in design, art, photography, film, etc that you admire it most?

KR: Oh that’s easy: Tyler the Creator, Sango, Mr. Carmack, the photographer Steve Koukoulas, the film director Quentin Tarantino, Corbin Cary, me….Is that cocky? :/

I: What is your favorite holiday? Why? 

KR: CHRISTMAS! I hate the weather, but everyone is a little nicer around that time. Loving, caring, and sharing. Plus I get presents. Still waiting on that APC 40 from someone on the low though.


Watercolor Kolo Progress Balanced Lvls

I: Complete this sentence: “I wish I had someone with whom I could share. . .”

KR: A vacation to Universal Studios with.

I: What is the greatest thing of your life? 

KR: Life itself. Knowing I wake up and have an opportunity to do something great, is the greatest thing I can ask for.

I: Tell us about the artists you promote, is there a genre you like the most or that you wanted people know?

KR: I promote different artists from different walks of life. Anyone can even listen and hear the diversity in the artists I look after. All of them make something that is different than the next, but so unique that you can tell who it is instantly. I support all genres, but to be honest, people need to listen to more electronic music in general.


Genesis Compilation Artwork

I: What kind of things do you do to get the people in touch with the label and know more about your work?

KR: I NETWORK LIKE CRAZY! When I’m not working at Home Depot, my regular job, I’m home chatting it up with any and every one. I send emails, or slowly chat with artists that I look up to. I just try my best to let people know, “Hey, I have a bunch of dope artists that have stories you need to hear!” And also I try to promote artists outside the label. People that are really good, I do my best to help them branch out because they always appreciate our help, and in the end, that’s a good loyal fan we have for life.

I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

KR: Both really. I just love fiddling with stuff like a 2 year old.

I: Where we can watch & listen to your record label?


Here comes my plug in:

Any of those links will get you connected with Kolossus

I: Do you have plans to come & visit Mexico? What would you like to know about this country? 

KR: None at the moment but I’d love to honestly! Do you guys really like sombreros or snapbacks more? And how’s the food?



I: Is there something you want to share with our audience?

KR: Yes! Live life happy, and never settle for less. You want something, go get it. Every day you wake up, you don’t have 24 hours. You think you do, but you really only have 1 second. 1 by 1. You must be focusing on how to make life worth living each second. If you’re not working towards happiness, you need to change that and get on the right path to make sure you don’t WASTE those seconds. I’ve been through failure and bad times. The worst over the past few years, but there is a time you have to wake up and say enough playing around, I want more. Chase dreams. 

And for the kids, FIND YOUR TALENTS! Find out what you’re worth. People will tell you what you are, tell you what to do, but you have to do things for you. You have to make yourself important to others. Make your life worth living. It’s yours, and no one else’s. That’s what’s wrong with today’s world. So many people living with missed opportunities or letting talents and skills go to waste all for settling for what they think they need or deserve, no screw that. GET YOURS. We are the future, let’s make it a bright, creative and inspiring one.

ALSO Kolossus will be releasing our very first compilation called GENESIS, featuring Julia Lewis, J-Rican, Xian, Gaszia, Beemo, others, and the whole Kolossus family, June 23rd. We’ll also be holding a contest along with it, for 2 lucky people to join the label!

Go here to our Facebook post for more details >

I: Would you like to share some recent artists from your label & some recent music? 

KR: Hell yes!

Our affiliates:

Current roster:


Kolo cover


Thank You so much for this interview Kolossus!


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