You should interview: “EAU CLAIRE”


In this section, we make a little changes in how we make itws, so we let to our guest choose the right questions they want to respond and we let they hit us back with they best answers! So please, enjoy and follow the next interview we made to this talented canadian girl. Known for her feel-good nu-disco, and indie-dance music, this Washington, DC based DJ and Producer has been garnering attention around the world. Lets Meet: EAU CLAIRE.

I: Tell us YOUR REAL NAME and who EAU CLAIRE is?

EC: My Name is Rachel Jocelyn.  I grew up playing classical piano from the age of 4 and played all through grade school but it wasn’t until the last two years that I really got into producing.  I’ve been DJing only since last August, so I have lots to learn from the veterans around, but I feel like I’ve been getting the hang of it pretty quickly.  I started producing after watching a movie Pitch Perfect where I realized that I could use computer software to make music.  As a pretty happy and carefree person, I like my music to also express those emotions.  Music is universal to everyone, which is such a beautiful thing.

I: Where are you from?
EC: I was born in Canada but raised in the US.  Now i live in Washington, DC. 

I:  What elements do you use for your work?
EC: I produce in Ableton Live and DJ with CDs or Traktor.  I’ve been working on more original music with my own vocals that I’ll be putting out in the next few months so stay tuned 🙂

I: What was the last concert you saw?
EC: The last concert I saw was actually one I performed at!  It was a Tensnake show. I got to open and close and there had to be at least 300-400 people there.  It was the most amazing feeling to perform next to someone so big.  People were dancing the whole night, up until 4 am.  What an amazing feeling that was!

I: What is your favorite food?
EC: Hmm this is a hard one…I love all kinds of food, but I’d have to say right now I’m on a serious ramen kick.. That may have to change though since the summer is coming.


I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country?
EC: I don’t have any plans so far but I would LOVE to.  I’ve been to mexico once before and It is such a beautiful place. I would gladly come to Mexico and play soon 🙂

I:What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?
EC: There is so much talent in this world so its hard to get noticed unless you really push for it.  There are many platforms available but often at a cost which can be difficult for those who don’t have much to start with.  But its thanks to you and other magazines and blogs who scour the internet and other places to find artist and new music to share with the world!


I: Were we can watch & listen your work?
EC: I post all my music on Soundcloud and frequent updates on Facebook and Twitter:

And I let a few links that leads up with some of my mixes.

Thank You so much for this interview Rachel!

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