“You should interview: Alexander Supertrill.”


I:  Who is Alexander Supertrill?

AS: Alexander Supertrill is a play on the name “Alexander Supertramp” which is the tramping name for Christopher McCandless. Christopher McCandless was a kid with big dreams you may remember from the book and movie Into The Wild. An inspiring story about a kid who gave up everything to hitchhike across the US to eventually land him in Alaska to pursue true happiness. Its a story I really connect with and it inspired me.

I:  Where are you from and where have you lived and visited?

AS: I am from Gatlinburg, but I moved to Knoxville, a couple years ago to pursue a career in the music industry. I am a traveling person at heart so I have been everywhere from Canada to Mexico and far and wide in between.

I: When did you begin producing and performing as an artist?
AS: I have always had my hands in music and the music scene here in Knoxville, TN and beyond. I didn’t start producing till about August 2012 when I started the project and began to push sounds in my city that inspired me as a creative outlet.
I: What is you most treasured moment as an artist?
AS: Thats hard to narrow down, I have had a lot of amazing moments in under a year for doing this project. Some of my favorites were waking up to people like Sugarpill, Boeboe, Sevnth Wonder, Tulpa and many other artists supporting and liking my most popular collab “Now That You’ve Found It” with Shuurin. Another was playing Deep House, Funk, and Nu Disco at SXSW and throwing a showcase of my own in under 2 days with Swagglerock, Filibusta, Pleasure, and some homies. Oh and Brownsville,  is full of some good people and talented artists, I really love it there and in general.
I: Why are you an artist, why do you make the music you make instead of another genre?
AS: Well to be honest to answer the first part of the question I do this because I have been heavily influenced by music for years and its something I can not really ignore. I started by interviewing artists like Kastle, NastyNasty, Sugarpill and people alike. Then I started my label and released music from up and coming artists all over the world for free. Eventually after throwing events and touring I couldnt ignore the urge to produce and perform myself. Now I do not make one genre, right now on my soundcloud I have a few tracks that range from beat music to 808 trill sounds. The new music I have been working on is a mixture of a lot of genres from Juke and Footwork to Trap and even House elements as well. I want to always push my boundaries, bottom line.
I: What elements do you use when you produce/perform?
AS: I use ableton to produce and perform live. I use and APC40 to play live shows with an effects rack I tweaked from the custom one CONTRA made. Production I don’t really use too much other than everything Ableton has to offer and I am learning Massive, but I am trying to work on learning a lot more about different synths and building a better live set up to stand out from other artists.
I: What do you use as inspiration as an artist?
AS: Inspiration is a weird thing for me, I am very new to all of this so I dont know too many things that inspire me to make music. Inspiration usually comes randomly and I just start working on something. When I was on tour in Texas I had a lot of inspiration and started a few collabs on the road that you will heart very soon. Subxchronic and Dbraker collabs tho…
I:  What was the last show you attended? How many albums do you own?
AS: The last show I went to was Herobust and Felix Cartel, I did not stay to see them because I am weird and sometimes I have the urge to just leave when I am around people too much. Before that I remember being stuck in Austin, TX with Trill Scott Heron and his girl Elle and we went to Barcelona and watched 50 Carrot while this girl swung all her limbs as fast as she could with no regard for anyone around her. That was very entertaining. I do not own very many physical copies of music anymore, but I did just purchase the #INTERNETGHETTO compilation from Hyperboloid Records on green vinyl… 🙂
I: Mention at least 8 artists you admire the most.
AS: This list of artists is going to be hard, so its going to be more of a list of artists I respect and love at the moment… that I can think of.  Dev79, Pixelord, Stwo, Kid Atlass (RIP), Taso, Thomas White, Gillepsy, Blonde…
I: Share an embarrassing moment from your life.
AS: The most recent story was my boy came out of the bathroom and looked like he had thrown up, but actually he was crying, and I said “You been cryin’?” and he spat back hatefully saying yes because he just got news that his family had some issues. Anyways I felt like an asshole cause I just thought he had thrown up, but all was well after explaining everything haha.
I: How do people respond to your music when you perform live?
AS: It depends on the show really, sometimes I will open and play downtempo sexy music and that goes over great but its nothing people go crazy over because it is so slow and melodic. Or I will play juke/footwork stuff in NY and get some weird people on the dancefloor doing shuffle dancing. I switch up the vibes of my set almost every show depending what my set time is and where I am playing.
I: Is there somewhere you want to play live, maybe a festival?
AS:  I want to play Emmissions Festival.
I: Do you prefer digital or analogue?
AS: Digital for now, but I would love some analogue.
I: Is there somewhere you would like to play, maybe a festival?
AS: The best place to listen to my music is on soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/alexander-supertrill

I: Do you plan on touring through Mexico soon? What places would you like to visit here?

AS: I would LOVE to tour in Mexico, I am very fond of Texas and Brownsville in particular. I have been there before and would love to come play some music there, but it is not easy to book in foreign countries like that. Maybe once I am bigger and people from Mexico start requesting me to play there I could come down. Until then we hope! It is a gorgeous country. I loved visiting the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza and I am a cook, so the food for me was very refreshing.

I: Is there anything else you would like to share?

AS: I am working on putting out some new material. I do not have too much I can share at the moment, but I took a break from making my mix for Freshmore to do this interview. Thank you so much for your time. Check out Freshmore >>> https://soundcloud.com/freshmore
And this Tracks/Superscrew/Mixes
Thank you so much for this interview Alexander! 

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