You should interview: “Fitz Lauder”


Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who is Fitz Lauder?

Fitz Lauder: My real name is Fitzgerald Llauder. As a kid growing up, my father frequently subjected me to his disco collection. At 11 years old, I was introduced to Depeche Mode and automatically fell in love with their synth sound. Then a year later, I stumbled upon 2 Technics turntables with a mixer and became infatuated with the art of mixing. I somehow convinced my parents to invest in DJ equipment and I spent every penny from my allowance to purchase cassette maxi and 12” singles. Thereafter, I was obsessed and passionate about discovering, listening, and sharing the music that I deeply love. It continues to this day and there is no end in sight.

I: What is your most treasured memory as a child being a DJ?

FL: Record shopping to buy every Depeche Mode and new wave artist 12” Maxi Single I could get my hands on. That was my equivalent of being a kid in a candy store. After arriving home, I would devote my time to mixing and listening to my favorite vinyls and tapes. I was in my own world as a bedroom DJ.

I: What is the purpose of make this kind of music instead something else genre?

FL: It’s a genuine true expression of love and emotion which connects deeply to your soul.


I: Tell us about your daily inspirations…

FL: I listen to my favorite artists everyday and when I discover a new upcoming one, I feel hopeful and motivated. I try to be aware and appreciative of the beauty in everyday things such as the positive qualities of people, the deliciousness of the food we eat, and the impressiveness in nature and in manmade creations.

I: Do you have any ideology in your life mixed with your work, that you want to share with us?

FL: Love what you do and do what you love. Always strive to be the best. No matter the circumstances, I focus on delivering the most technically perfect and harmonic set possible. Plus, I am my own worst critic.


I: What elements do you use for your work?
FL: Ableton Live 8, Traktor Scratch Pro, Kontrol X1, Kontrol F1

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?

FL: Depeche Mode, DJ Qbert, Dan Brown, Michael Jackson, Geshe Kelseng Gyatso, Goldroom, Jim Carey, Tesla Boy

I: What was the last concert you saw?

FL: The last major music festival that I attended was SXSW in Austin which recently became USA’s largest indie dance music festival. I was able to experience my favorite nu disco artists perform in the most laid back fun environments and talk to them in person. I have never had so much fun in my life, been greatly inspired to that degree, and socialize intimately with fellow music lovers and artists. It’s a powerful celebration of music and life.



I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

FL: It’s Digital as it allows me to manipulate and remix tracks live in real time. You can format and program the music in such a way to make it work the way you see fit. It’s amazing and does not lose its charm!

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?

FL: Euforia Radio based in Mexico. In addition to streaming on the web we broadcast FM in Argentina and Mexico.

I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México, what places would you like to meet of this country?

FL: I would love to as I hear amazing things about the beaches, culture, and food from my friends. I was recently invited to play in Guadalajara and have been interested in the coastal areas such as Cancùn and Cabo San Lucas. I naturally love the beach as I am of island decent.

Beauty Bar 2014-05-18
I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?

FL: It’s absolutely the best time to be an artist as you can easily post your music on platforms such as Soundcloud and Youtube. If you are fortunate enough, blogs and labels can discover you and provide you added massive exposure. You can even bypass labels, and sell/distribute your tracks directly to the public. The music industry is experiencing a paradigm shift and it’s wonderful for upcoming artists.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?


I hold a residency at the Dallas World Trade Center, Sushi Axiom, and I perform at various hired gigs throughout the Dallas area.



Thank You for this interview Fitz!


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