You should interview: “Alison Avron”

Meet Alison Avron a singer, songwriter and a piano player. She grew up in rural South Australia and amused herself by singing in community choirs and touring with opera companies.


Once she was old enough to drive and enroll at university she moved to Canberra to study music. However, an institution could not hold down this fiercely independent girl so she dropped out and started writing songs and doing gigs of her own. In her own description of music she believes its more 85% Emotional 15% Logical. Lightly manic yet completely loveable, witty and nonchalant you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone like Alison Avron. Follow our next itw we made to this sweet and sparkly girl.

Indamagazine: Tell us your real name and who is Alison?


My real name is Alison Avron Flett, but I use Alison Avron as my stage name. I sing, play piano, write songs and also run my 50 capacity music venue, The Newsagency in Sydney NSW, Australia. I’ve been singing since I was about 9 years old and feel very lucky to say that I do what I love everyday.

I: Where are you from?

AA: I am from Glencoe, South Australia. But I have lived in Sydney, Australia for 6 years now.

I: What is your most treasured memory as a child of being a musician?

AA: I was heavily involved in a community choir, the Southern Heritage Singers, from about the age of 9. I have great memories of getting on a bus to sing in regional parts of Australia for opera companies and various other events with a bunch of people who were, and still are to this day for that matter, like family to me.

I: When did you notice that being a musician was in your blood?

AA: My nana was a very talented violinist, and I think I have some long lost great great uncle who wrote musicals on my mum’s side so I suppose it’s been in my blood for years!


I: Tell us about your daily inspirations…

AA: I’m going through a bit of a tough time at the minute. My mother sadly passed away of brain cancer as well as other complications from her surgery about 6 weeks ago. She has and always be will be my biggest inspiration but daily, they are very much changing as I grow through my grief and sadness.
At the moment, I am inspired by the beauty of nature. Whether it is watching the sunset, thinking about the metamorphosis of a butterfly or walking through a beautiful park. I’m turning into a hippy before my very eyes and it feels wonderful.

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?

AA: I really admire a lot of Sydney singer/songwriters like NGAIIRE, Elana Stone and Sarah Belkner but I also love musicians like SIA, Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), Freddie Mercury. I love how Haruki Murakami and C.S. Lewis observe the world and I’ve always been inspired by M.Scott Peck’s book, The Road Less Travelled.


I: What was the last concert you saw?

AA: I just saw Joan as Policewoman. She was INCREDIBLE. I wish I could be as cool as her. Before that it was Melanie Safka which was cool to see a bit of Woodstock history LIVE.

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?

AA: There’s a very supportive and very hip community radio station here in Sydney called Fbi 94.5FM. They play my music and plug my venue a lot so I’ve gotta think they’re cool right? 

I: What is your favorite food?

I love Turkish delight, Camembert, my dad’s chocolate self-sauce pudding he makes in the microwave and I also really like broccoli.


I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country?

AA: If only I had the money and knew how many fans I actually had there! I’d love to – I’ve heard it’s a beautiful country!

I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?

AA: We’re very lucky to have the amount of online platforms we have now. Soundcloud, NoiseTrade, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook. In some ways there may be too many – perhaps we’re all a little spoilt for choice, but I feel lucky to be able to share my music to a wider audience than just my local one as a result of all these platforms.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?

AA: You can find my music at:


Thank You for this interview Ali***



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