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An eclectic combination of delicate, ambient sounds, industrial glitches and captivating vocal layering structured with heavy bass and erratic beats. KUCKA Music transcends from alluring and soft textures to melancholic darkness, focusing on melody and subjective beauty. An aural surrealist, KUCKA´s music hypnotic compositions lull the mind into faraway and blissfully strange realms.

I: Tell us your real name and who is KUCKA?

KUCKA: My real name is Laura Jane Lowther, but I adopted Kučka as my moniker after my Serbian friend started calling me it when we were teenagers. I create electronic music, often bordering on Pop and R&B but also on the more experimental end of the spectrum.

I: Where are you from?

K: I’m originally from Liverpool in the UK, but have been living in Perth (Western Australia) for close to 10 years now. It’s actually the most isolated capital city on the planet so it has been perfect for harbouring creativity.

I: Since when you notice dat you had blood for being a Musician?

K: I have always been interested in music, when I was a child I always loved attending dance classes, starting with ballet then moving to newer styles. The best thing about the ballet classes was that there was an old lady who would provide the music every week on an upright piano. The classes we’re in a church so the sound of the piano was really reverberant and all of the harmonics were really rich.

I: What is the purpose of make this kind of music instead something else genre?

K: I am naturally drawn to electronic sounds, I love deep bass sounds the most, and the richness of analog synths. It’s also a medium where you can easily experiment and integrate organic sounds, so there are so many opportunities to explore and invent.

I: Tell us about your daily inspirations…

K: I am influenced by everyday sounds a lot. I often sample the sounds of birds, insects around light sources, electrical buzzing etc. I also live with a bunch of musicians so their work is always influencing me on a daily basis!

I: Do you have any ideology in your life mixed with your work, that you want to share with us?

K: I guess I’m always trying to create a mood or imagery for the listener (and myself). With the production especially I am exploring the shapes and textures created by the synths and samples together. I’m really interested in synesthesia and how sounds interact with other senses.

I: What elements do you use for your work?

K: Mostly I use Ableton live as my software, along with synths, samples of percussion or natural sounds and my vocals.

I: Mention at least 8 artist that you admire it most?

K: David Lynch, Annette Messager, Pina Bausch, Grace Barbe, Mei Saraswati, Lars von Trier.




I: What was the last concert you saw?  

K: A local gig featuring an artist called Grace Barbe. She is a singer and bass player originally from Seychelles and she writes amazing Afro creole music. The rhythms are amazing with lots of fast cross rhythms and percussion, and an amazing groove.

I: Do you prefer digital materials or analog materials?

K: I like digital interfaces, but analog sounds! For example working on a laptop and using Ableton makes writing very quick, but I like to record analog synths and drum machines into it. I have been building my collection of analog synths for the past few years, I love the fatness of the sounds. My favourites are my Prophet 6 and my Moog Voyager.

I: Do you have a cool radio station u want to share?

K: RTR fm  92.1 is my local community station and they play some amazing music. They are especially supportive of local music and they have played a big part in helping me get started. Also FBI radio in Sydney is great too!

I: What gifts did you receive on your last birthday?

K: I received a wicked bar fridge for my studio from my boyfriend and his mum. It’s so cool, when I’m working and I can just reach down and grab a refreshing rum and coconut water!!

I: What is your favorite food?

K: I like anything hot and spicy. My favourite dish is coconut prawns with papaya salad and lots of chilli.

I: Are you planning to make a tour soon in México? What places would you like to meet of this country?

K: I would love to tour to Mexico, it’s on my list of places to visit, but it’s soooo far away I need to get some $$$ first.


I: What do you think about emerging talents is there enough platforms to spread all this cool music world?

K: Things like soundcloud make it easy and cheap to upload music to a wide audience whether you live in LA or a small village in a rural community so it’s definitely easier to get your music in a public forum than it was previously, which makes it awesome for emerging artists.

I: Were we can watch & listen your work?



Thank you so much for this interview Laura***


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