You should Review: “Antenna Happy”

This review comes from a deep techno and house producer Antenna Happy.  After a break from music for almost 20 years, he returns with the debut release for new label Reinhardt Records, in the form of the psychedelic space-age Pinto EP. A twenty year break away from making music is almost unheard of especially within electronic music circles, but that is where Antenna Happy finds himself with Pinto.

Pinto offers a dreamy and soft-edged voyage through a psychedelic electronic landscape. It’s exactly the kind of warmly melodic techno track that will warm the cockles as the autumn nights draw in. Ibiza Voice

From psychedelia and techno set straight for the sun. This kaleidoscopic liquid sonic excursion has all the makings of a cult classic, and heads up the debut 12” release on newly founded imprint Reinhardt Records.

Established in 2014, Reinhardt Records is a music and art imprint specialising in electronic music. Taking lead on the b-side an entirely different affair in the shape of Fallen. This is benchmark electronic music, as arpeggiators take flight mirrored against hypnotic acid bass, for a journey into the outer house territories. Closing the EP, Spark holds the reigns. Conceived within the same stretch as Pinto, however it wasn’t until some months later that Spark took on its full form. Emotive modular synths lay the groundwork, connecting the dots between low-slung techno and house music, culminating in a track that sits in neither genre camp.

The EP title track takes its name and inspiration from paintings by Antenna Happy’s three-year-old daughter, whose birth inspired him to return to making music. Close-ups of these paintings can be seen in the artwork for the release. Spark will appear on the digital release only.


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Further listening:

Marlena Shaw – Woman From The Ghetto (Antenna Happy Edit)

Billy Paul – East (Antenna Happy Edit)

The Doors – When The Music’s Over (Antenna Happy Lights Out Edit)

Antenna Happy May 2014 DJ Mix



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